Cave Crickets AKA Camelback Crickets

A recent discussion with a new homeowner in Denville matched discussions with homeowners in Lebanon, Chester, Martinsville, Long Valley, and others. She was mentioning that the crickets seemed to have reappeared, but they were now smaller. I said this was good … and bad. It was good because it meant the treatment eliminated the original batch of cave crickets. It was bad, and this is why one-time attempts never work, the eggs had hatched. Cave crickets ‘molt’ as they grow larger -like cockroaches rather than pupate like butterflies. Cave crickets are able to reproduce in a house or other building so once they enter they become an ongoing issue. This is the type of situation that causes pest control companies to create and offer service plans. No material can ‘kill’ an egg, the egg must hatch first. Cave crickets readily breed and grow along the exterior of foundations which put them only inches away from the interior of foundation walls. Cave crickets will easily find a way into the interior and set up shop. Addressing the issue requires interior and exterior treatments on a regular program.

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