Carpenter Bees infest Hillsborough and Bedminster

Homeowners in Hillsborough and Bedminster have called about very large bees that do not seem to care about the presence of people. These are Carpenter Bees and if you have never seen them they are very large. Carpenter Bees are true bees not wasps or hornets. They are referred to as solitary bees because a large number do not share a nest. Carpenter Bees will chew,’ drill’, a half inch diameter hole into wood for a nest for itself as well as to lay eggs. Signs of infestation include fresh loose sawdust falling down and/or piling up, carpenter bees flying around decks and houses. Carpenter Bees have been known to hover just in front of a person and buzz seemingly to intimidate one. Carpenter Bees can do significant damage as they continually make additional nests and the eggs will hatch into additional bees that will continue to drill more nests. More bees- more drilling- more sawdust- more holes in your wood!!   I have personally seen homes with over 200 holes drilled by mid May. I can instantly recall a home in Wyckoff and one in Boonton with this amount of extreme damage done in one season. Many times as the bees are chewing out a hole the sawdust will mix with their saliva and end up as a stain on the house below where the hole is. Treatment for these Carpenter Bees is very difficult. First avoiding being stung is a priority and locating each bee hole and injecting a pesticide into each and every hole is paramount to success.

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