Carpenter Ants, Pavement Ants, and more ants everywhere

Calls from Wayne, Springfield, and Morristown this past week were all suffering from ants. Carpenter ants, those big black ants, and pavement ants the small brownish ant that seems to pop up out of nowhere are all becoming very active right now. The weather is finally moderating and becoming more seasonal. The lengthening of the days and increasing of the temperatures are ‘waking’ the ants up. Ants are cold blooded which means as the temperature increases so does the ants’ need for food. In most situations ant colonies become inactive, dormant, during winter. When spring arrives and the ants become active again they are very hungary having survived off their stored energy.  The ants however do not have any trails exisiting to follow to find food. The winter inactivity allowed the ant trails to dissipate and upon emerging in spring the ants have no idea where to forage for food or water. This is why ants can and will be found in any place in a house or business, the ants are everywhere . As the ants locate sources of food and water they will lay new trails that will reduce the exploratory behavior as the season wears on. Spring is the best time to treat and eliminate ant problems. The ants are desperate for food and water and can be easily addressed by knowledgable pest control  experts. Eliminating ants now will afford a great ant free experience till next spring. Good luck with your ant extermination.

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