Brown Shield Bug that Smells Bad When Killed? How to Get Rid of Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs in Mount Olive, NJ

During the colder months of the year, just like everyone else, stink bugs are trying to find some place warm to wait out the winter. They can be relentless when it comes to getting inside your home to keep warm. Even though they don’t pose a health risk to you, they are notoriously stinky and that is a good enough reason to want them out. On top of that, they infest in large numbers and can be hard to get rid of if you don’t stay on top of the problem. Merlin’s Pest Control would like to share some tips to help you keep stinkbugs out of your home and some remedies to kill the ones that are already there.

How to Keep Stink Bugs Out of Your Home

Here is a list of ways you can keep stinkbugs out of your home:
1. Seal Pest Entry Points – Don’t give them a way in! Seal off all entry points which include cracks or holes in your foundation, and even holes in your screens. Make any necessary repairs to make it impossible for them to get into your home.
2. Shut Off the Lights – Stinkbugs are attracted to light, so you are better off turning the outdoor lighting off whenever it is necessary to avoid attracting them.
3. Store food Properly – Don’t leave food out. Store food in airtight containers that stinkbugs can’t gain access to. You don’t want to supply them with food or they will never leave.
4. Check Firewood for Pests – Before bringing in any firewood, check it to make sure you aren’t bringing in any unwanted pests, including stink bugs. This goes for any other boxes and belongings you have been storing outside.

How to Get Rid of Shield Stinkbugs

Like mentioned above, stinkbugs infest in large numbers. If you happen to see one here or there, you can try a couple of these home remedies to get rid of them.
1. Wrap Up Stinkbugs – You may want to squish a stinkbug, but they will let off their odor when squished as well as stain whatever surface they are on. You can grab them with a tissue, without squishing them, and flush them down the toilet. Don’t wait to flush or they will climb out of the toilet.
2. Vacuum Stinkbugs – Stinkbugs are easily vacuumed and if you see one in your home you can try just vacuuming it up. This will trap it and it will eventually die in the canister.
3. Soap & Water Stinkbug Extermination Method – You can make jars of soapy water that have dish soap in them and have them accessible. Once you see a stinkbug, use a paper towel to flick it into the solution. It won’t take long for the soap to penetrate their armor and they will die quickly.

Stink Bug Control

If you see more than one stinkbug in your home, these home remedies will not be enough to get rid of an infestation. Stinkbugs lay eggs in your home and can be incredibly hard to get rid of without the help of professionals. Merlin’s Pest Control offer stink bug control and removal to help you avoid this stinky pest in your home. Call us today!

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