Box Elder Bugs Fall Invaders

Fall is the time that Box Elder bugs invade homes and offices to find a nice haven for the winter. Box Elder Bugs are black with bright red stripes on the back. They readily and voluminously reproduce in mulch during spring. I have counted over 300 young per square yard of mulch. Autumn triggers in the Box Elder Bugs a searching for safer winter quarters. This search often ends up in someone’s home or office. Box Elder Bugs do not bite, sting, or eat structures but their unsanitary nature are cause for concern. The shorter daylight appears to be a trigger as much as temperature. But when the temps approach or break the freezing mark, the invasion takes on a greater urgency. Once the Box Elder Bugs have entered the building they will remain until spring. Box Elder Bugs may be seen indoors moving about in varying numbers through out the winter particularly on sunny days. Treatments should begin as soon as the Box Elder Bugs are first noticed on or in the building. Preventative treatments done in September can be the most effective of all.

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