Black Ants!

Black ants are being reported all over North Jersey including Bedminster, Wayne, Basking Ridge, etc. ¬†One of the more interesting reports was by a greatly accomplished gentleman of my acquaintance, he came to find a large number of black ants in his dog’s water bowl. This type of finding is rather normal. The ants become active and are in dire need of water and food from surviving the harsh winter. Even in their inactive state the ants burn energy to stay alive and need to replenish if they are running out. This winter has been overly cold and long. The water bowl has steep sides that the ants are unable to climb out of once they have had their fill of water resulting in being trapped en mass. Sometimes with weather like we are having ants will activate to replenish their energy and then deactivate hoping for warmer weather in a couple more weeks. This means the ant activity may seem to happen for a day or two then the ants seem to disappear. Don’t worry they will be back.

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