Black Ants in my Chocolates

Black ants in my chocolates! My husband gave me ant infested candy for Valentines! Carpenter ants in my candy! There are ants in the sugar bowl! Yes we hear these comments and more.From Sparta to Hillsborough anybody may be at risk. We are in the midst of a brutal winter. The extreme weather has effects upon insects as well as us. Carpenter ants go dormant during winter- they have an alcohol in their blood to prevent freezing and the ants have built up a internal store of food energy to survive. When the winter is as severe as this one the stores do not last as long as usual. This causes the ants to ‘wake up’ and go looking for some more food, food rich in energy like sugar.

The carpenter ants will be attracted to sugar, chocolates, candy, cookies, anything rich in sugar. They are sluggish and want to get back to winter dormancy. Their internal clock is telling them this is not when they want to ‘up’ for the year. When the ants have re-energized they will disappear. This activity is telling us that there is an active nest in the building that NEEDS to be eliminated. Carpenter ants are so named because they chew out wood to make a nest. For some curious reason the nest is never large enough so the colony of ants never stop chewing away. The amount of damage that carpenter ants do rivals termites. However carpenter ants unlike termites do not digest the wood they only excavate it and are able to do considerably faster damage.

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