black ants in house

Mike our Mailman came to me with a sample and said ‘I have had these ants in my house in Rockaway for the last few days. What kind are they and what should I do?’ I took a look at the specimen in the baggie and quickly determined it was a Camponotus pennsylvanicus or eastern black carpenter ant. It looked like a text book example- black body, white stripes on abdomen with honey colored hairs. These ants get their name because they nest in (destroy) wood. Our houses are made of this stuff!!! I recommended that Merlin’s Pest perform a carpenter ant treatment. This service consists of a power spray application of a slow acting tasteless and odorless material so the ants readily travel through it and bring the material back to the nest and spread it around. The application is very site and technique specific, our Termite Tom is a state recognized expert specialist. Carpenter ants never tire of expanding their nest it will never be large enough and it is this fact that leads to significant damage.

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