Black ants from patio now in house !

“Black ants, aka Carpenter Ants, are now in my house!” We often hear this. Ants (carpenter, pavement, or any other specie) that start off foraging outside will eventually find their way inside. This is the normal progression, but no one knows before hand how long it will take the ants to forage inside once they have found a patio, deck or some other area alongside a home. It is inevitable for ants to end up indoors. There is constant moisture on the cold water pipes in the walls, and constant food and food scents in an active¬†home. ¬†When ants find such a desirable set up they will not ignore it. Nor will they be easily deterred. The only solution to either situation is an application to eliminate and to prevent any further ant activity. Ants may spend weeks, months, or even years foraging outside a home before discovering the bonanza waiting for them indoors.

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