Bird Pest ControlPigeons and Starlings are known to be the two most common bird pests in New Jersey. As these birds build their nests in buildings or homes, they become quite bothersome and can cause many problems. Merlin’s provides quality bird pest control services that will remove and deter birds from nesting and destroying your property.

Merlin’s Bird Pest Control


  • Also called doves, have been around for thousands of years
  • These stout-bodied birds have short necks with slender bills and can be a variety of colors depending on the species
  • Known for their bobbing heads and for their sounds
  • Will become vocal when a male is trying to attract a female or if they feel endangered
  • Some of the strongest fliers of other bird species, flying up to 40 or 50 mph as they search for grains, fruit and insects to feed upon

Pigeon nests are constructed by small twigs and are often found on a building ledge that resembles a cliff, as this is the pigeon’s natural habitat. These nests can also be found along the roofline of a home. They can be difficult to see as they can sometimes be very well hidden. Once a nest has been created, pigeons rapidly reproduce which can become very problematic. As the pigeon population grows, other pests such as mites, lice, and bed bugs become attracted to their nests. Pigeons also spread disease and bacteria through as their droppings land all over the property.


  • Short, medium-sized birds that have shades of green, purple, and sometimes yellow on their bodies
  • Known for being an agricultural pest and destroying millions of dollars worth of damage to crops each year
  • Often found wherever there is food, water, and a place to nest
  • Often building nests near other Starling nests, a population can quickly grow. However, Starlings can become aggressive when you’re attempting to knock down their nests

Expert bird pest control specialists should be called to remove any type of bird’s nest on your property. Since identifying the type of bird can be difficult, it’s important to take necessary precautions and not try do-it-yourself methods, which could cause more birds to flock towards your home. Call Merlin’s today and we will expertly remove any birds on your property.