Big Bumble Bees, Carpenter Bees, and BEE FREE.

First, Hats off and Happy Birthday to Jeannine from West Milford. A Chatham homeowner called about what she described as big bumble bees. Bumble bees are true bees, related to honey bees. Bumble bees are larger than honey bees and a bolder yellow and black color. They nest in the ground, and their colonies are not nearly as large as honey bees. Our homeowner had these big bumble bees all around her house and yard. Her property has numerous flowering trees and bushes which are attracting these bees. The bees turned out to be carpenter bees.  Carpenter Bees are very large yellow and black bees. They get their name from the fact they chew out (drill) nests in wood.  The carpenter bees were nesting (drilling) in the rear deck. The deck was off the second story so the bees had easy access to the joists supporting the decking and also some holes (nests) were being drilled into the side railings. Carpenter Bee treatment is very meticulous with specialized equipment. In Bridgewater we serviced a long standing customer who has a history of Carpenter Bees. This customer now  participates in the Merlin’s Pest Control service known as BEE FRREE. This is a preventative treatment. It is a comprehensive service to treat, to eliminate, to prevent, and totally discourage any bee from nesting in or on the structure. This service is available for houses, offices, medical facilities, and any other structure.

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