Best Control Methods for How to Get Rid of Overwintering & Lawn Damaging Japanese Beetles & Grubs in Mount Olive, NJ

As we leave the winter season behind we really want to get ready for the upcoming spring and summer pests. Many people are turning their minds toward the battle with the common cockroach, ant and spider invasions. However there is another pest you may want to think about; the Japanese beetle. Yes, these species of beetle tend to stay outside. Nonetheless they occasionally find their way indoors where they seem impossible to get out. These beetles are an outdoor pest just like flies and wasps. They too can do great damage to your yards. Merlin’s Pest Control would like to share a little more about these flying pests and how you may want to prepare for their upcoming arrival.

Japanese Beetle Grub Damage

The Japanese beetle is a little bigger than a quarter. They are easy to identify due to their colorful green shell and copper colored wings. It is believed that these beetles came from Japan in the 1900’s and first colonized in New Jersey. They feed on bark and the leaves of many of our plants. During full adulthood they can become a devastating force. A single female can lay up to 60 eggs in her short lifetime. They dig deep into the ground and feed on the roots of any plant until the winter season puts them into hibernation. As the soil warms with the change of seasons, the larva begins to become active. They remain underground until they mature into adults where they emerge from the soil in late spring to early summer. At this time they will feed and mate until they die by the fall season.

What Methods Are Used to Control the Japanese Beetle?

Controlling these pests is a never ending battle. Your best defense against these pests is to reduce the population. You never know where a female will lay her eggs and that is why all that can be done to manage Japanese Beetles is reduce future generations. One method of doing this by using beetle traps. These traps are installed or placed in higher places and they use a reproductive pheromone or food as bait to lure the beetles inside. Once a trap is full, which could happen quicker than most people realize you call your pest management company to come and remove the beetles. During the summer season, literally a thousand Japanese beetles can be captured in a single day. Both baits and lures work well in capturing Japanese beetles.

Japanese Beetle Overwinter in Homes

The Japanese beetle often flies into buildings and homes and can also cause damage to indoor plants and gardens. To prevent their intrusion, you may want to consider checking your window screens for any weaknesses as well as gaps that they could crawl through such as window, doorways and even chimneys. Additionally, if you had a bad infestation in your lawn and garden last year, chances are you will again this year. The larva deep in the ground will emerge and once again be a problem.

Japanese Beetle Infestation Control

Now is the time to prepare. Contact your pest management company to see what we can do to help you control and manage your Japanese beetle problem. Merlin’s Pest Control knows they can be a destructive pest to your yard. Contact us to help guard your home from these and other pests today.

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