Calls are coming in from all over- Bridgewater, Sparta, Flemington, Lambertville to name just a few places. These flying stinging insects are out in force to begin the nest building. The queens that were born last August and have been successful in finding a safe haven to survive the winter are now beginning to start the colonies for 2015. These colonies all start small with the first brood of about a dozen or so, but after the first brood gets going then the population of each colony can increase very quickly. Each additional brood will exceed the number of the previous and the population will only be limited by the availability of water and amount of sunlight this year. All living things need water so rainfall or proximity to a body of water (lake, pond, pool) that will provide all the water that the colony will need is critical. Also important is the amount and duration of sunlight. These stinging insects fly by the sun and need enough sunny days to be able to forage far and long enough to feed the colony. Preventative and corrective treatments now will prevent large numbers of stinging insects from nesting or pestering your property.

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