Bees, Wasps in a fence in Bridgewater

Recently we received a service call from a wonderful longtime customer in Bridgewater about a problem with bees in a fence. This is becoming very common. Some new fence designs have metal posts with railings attached inside the post. This leaves a very neat and clean appearance. The design also leaves unseen openings for wasps to enter and a safe space to build a nest. The posts are spaced about every 8 feet, so there can be a lot of possible wasps nests. The case with our Bridgewater homeowner was the fence enclosed their pool. Whenever they enjoyed a game of pool hoops the ball would invariably hit the fence and disturb the wasps resulting in a hazardous situation as the wasps were ready to sting to protect their nests. When you have so many different wasps nests close to each other the wasps tend to be more aggressive in protecting what is theirs.

Treatment for bees, wasps in a fence like this is very tedious and requires some training and specialized applications. Every opening must be treated and treated in such a manner that the nest in the post is fully dosed to eliminate all the wasps. Fortunately our Bridgewater homeowner is a BeeFree customer and is covered for any bee service.

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