Bees, Wasps, Carpenter Bees, and BEEFREE

Now that Spring is here, bees ,wasps, and carpenter bees in particular are flying all over the place. Every spring the bee, wasp, and hornet queens that have survived the winter come out and start their colonies. It is common to see bees flying seemingly bouncing along your house. This is a searching pattern by the queen to locate a safe place to start her nest. The queens will build a small ‘honeycomb’ nest to lay about a dozen eggs in and will feed and support this first brood until they are able to support the queen. After the first brood is fully capable, the queen will never leave the nest again until she dies during the late autumn frosts. Unless, of course, we choose to eliminate the nest. The queen will continue to lay more and more eggs and constantly enlarge her colony. The exact amount of eggs/bees will be determined by the specie of bee and the weather conditions. Seasons with rain and sun mixes will generate huge colonies and lots of unfortunate stings! Merlin’s Pest Control comprehensive BEEFREE program eliminates and prevents any type of bee from making a nest on or in your home or office and is guaranteed for the calender year. A perfect choice for those who dread bees especially those who are severely allergic!!

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