Bedbugs, Travelers, & Students Returning Home

Bedbugs are the worlds greatest hitchhikers. They will catch a ride with anyone rich or poor and travel the world. One can pick bedbugs up without realizing it and bring them home. Bedbugs will climb from suitcase to suitcase in the belly of a plane, boat, train, or bus. They are equal opportunity infesters.
Here are some suggestions on how to minimize your risk from bedbugs when returning home. Pack all clothes in a plastic bag so when you arrive back you can instantly bring all the clothes, worn or not, to the washer for immediate laundering. Pretreating your suitcase(s) with Bedlam Plus or a similar luggage treatment helps. If you did not pretreat prior to packing for the trip, or prior to returning, now is the time to treat all your travel luggage, carry ons etc.
Immediately upon returning launder all packed clothing, new purchases as well. Washer and dryer or dry clean as appropriate.
The next few weeks will tell if bedbugs rode home with you. Carefully check everyone in the house each morning for bites. Bedbugs only feed once every 5 days or so. Bedbugs also breed slowly so it may take some weeks before their presence is known.
Bedbugs are very difficult to eliminate. They require special meticulous methods and materials. Bedbug treatments are best left to experienced professionals.

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