Bedbugs from West Orange to Flemington

Bedbugs are way to common today. They are insidious creatures with no redeeming value. These are some very important points to keep in mind regarding bedbugs. Please DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT trash your mattress and/or box spring. Removing them does not solve or help solve a problem, it increases the problem and is an expensive mistake. I know this seems backward but please daily evidence proves it is not!! A major error some people make is assuming they need to treat only one bedroom in a house. Whether the treatment is done by a do it yourselfer or by a professional, not being thorough invites trouble. The preparation and treatment recommendations are meticulous and difficult, this is true, however they exist because they have proven to be accurate and necessary every time. Please follow them, any short cut will be expensive and cause for additional servicing to be required.

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