BedBugs are Coming

The Holidays are coming quickly and so will bed bugs. Returning students, out of town visitors, and locals traveling all bring a heighten risk of bedbugs. Bed bugs are transport bugs like  German cockroaches. SOMEONE must bring them, transport them, from one place to another. This may happen without the travelers even knowing their belongings have been exposed. The luggage in a bus or an airplane is all stacked together and if one of the pieces is infested the bedbugs in that luggage may travel to many other pieces of luggage including yours or your visitors. Bed bugs are small defenseless bugs and they know it. Whenever bedbugs find themselves in a foreign environment they will constantly move to find as secure a hiding place as possible. Bouncing around in a luggage compartment is last on their list of safe havens.

A single bedbug or a couple of bedbugs may not be noticeable. They only feed once every five days or so. The bites being spread out over time and so few in number may not be detected until the population has increased which may be many weeks later. We often find when gathering a history at an infested residence that the point of infestation may go back 3 months. If you have anymore questions about bedbugs or would like more information about our bed bug removal services please contact us.


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