Bedbug Travel Recommendations

We are often asked what can one do to help reduce or prevent bringing bedbugs back home from a trip. Here are some helpful ideas. If taking and leaving your car at airport, train, bus, or destination (vacation, business, camp, or school) pack large heavy duty plastic garbage bags – one for each piece of luggage. So when you return you can seal each piece of luggage in a plastic bag. Hard shelled luggage is harder for bedbugs to climb and enter. Pack toiletries and other non washable items (iPads, cellphones,etc) in ziplock bags.
In the room try to keep your luggage from touching the bed or walls on luggage rack, but yes keeping it in the bathtub is safest. Check out bed asap, mattress, box spring, frame, and headboard for any signs of bedbugs. A small flashlight is useful here. If you see anything suspicious contact front desk. Each night seal all your ziplock bag items.
When returning, if using your car place luggage in plastic bags, if not seal luggage in plastic bags outside of your house. Unpack one piece of luggage at a time. Separate and place clothing into plastic bags by color for laundering or dry cleaning. Keep all bags tied off until emptied. Items sealed in ziplock bags during trip are ready to go right away. Remember a full for drying cycle will kill all bedbugs and their eggs. Hot wash cycles should be considered for this batch of wash as well, cold wash cycles have no effect on bedbugs.

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