Bed Bugs On the Rise! Bed Bug Pests Found In New Jersey Department Of Health Building & Other State Offices

The stigmatism that goes right along with bed bugs is dirty, filthy and messy. That is nothing even close to the truth of where bed bugs are found. They are happy to be living in a clean and neat home or building rather than a mess. They do not feed on food that is left in a messy apartment but only feed on the blood of a person. That means that anywhere a person is, bed bugs can be. The rise in bed bugs over the last decade has risen drastically and there are calls for treatment in every state in the United States. When it comes to places that bed bugs are found many people would be shocked to know that at the end of 2016 the New Jersey Department Of Health was battling a huge infestation as well as several other state buildings. That just goes to dispel the myth that bed bugs live only in filth; and only on beds. Bed bugs choose to hide in the crevices of fabric so clothes, luggage and furniture are all welcome homes for them. With the rise in bed bug treatment calls you should understand why this is happening and what you should do about it. Merlin’s Pest Control outlines why bed bugs are on the rise and what you can do about it.

Why Are Bed Bugs on the Rise & Making a Comeback?

There is not any concrete proof when it comes to why bed bugs have increased in the last ten or so years but some experts have hypothesized reasons. One of the reasons that they have considered is that some people are too scared to report the infestation. They assume that they will look bad and don’t want to be known for having bed bugs. Bed bugs have a bad rap and when you hear about someone that has them you automatically assume they must be messy. They may try to treat the problem themselves which leaves them breeding and feeding while you transport them to your work, school and other businesses. This can be a huge reason they continue to spread all over the area. Another hypothesis that has been named is that more and more people are able to afford air travel. Flying is one of the most common places to come in contact with bed bugs just because of the sheer number of people you will encounter. Leaving your bags in the baggage claim, sitting on a seat that has bed bugs, or even sleeping in a hotel room can be the way that you end up bringing home bed bugs.

How To Deal With Bed Bugs

When you suspect that you have bed bugs never feel ashamed about the problem. You can help stop the issue with a professional treatment that should be done by a pest control company that specializes in bed bug treatments. If you think you are suffering with bed bugs, call Merlin’s Pest Control today to have your home treated.

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