Bad bugs Good bugs

Halloween is an interesting time for pest control professionals. We see very large versions of pests walking around with some other mix of strange things. I got to spend some time with my grandson on halloween. My grandson Liam, Merlin XXV, was explaining to someone what we do. He stated ‘We kill the bad guy bugs and help the good guy bugs.’ Not bad for 3 and 1/2! With this in mind I thought I would take this moment to touch on our, the world’s, honey bee issues. The issue is referred to as Colony Collapse Disorder. Honey bees have become hyper sensitive to certain diseases and pesticides and exposure is resulting in large communal deaths. The science so far is pointing at the fact of interbreeding of bee colonies over the past decades as a cause. The most important thing now is for everyone to assist in protecting honey bees while the science is figured out and a solution is executed. For us pest professionals that is going to mean more selective chemical choice and much more careful usage.

Every pesticide user professional, farmer, homeowner, or renter needs to be extra careful where and how the use any material. Honey bees are responsible for over 25% of the food supply. This is serious stuff and we all need to play our part to help the solution.

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