Are the Colors of Your Bedminster, NJ Home Attracting or Deterring Pests Like Mosquitoes, Ants, Stinging Insects & Birds?

When you repaint your home, it’s likely the last thing you will consider is whether your paint colors will attract pests! The problem is that color plays a huge role in the life of pests and what they are looking for. The color of your homes exterior or the paint you choose for your deck or patio could be one of the reasons that you are seeing more and more pests around your house. If you want to know what colors specific kinds of pests are attracted to you need to know more about the pests including what they feed on and where they like to hide. Although the paint is part of what could attract a pest, there is a lot more that could bring them in. You should do all that you can to deter having pests come to your home then use pest control services to take care of any pests that are already lurking.

Merlin’s Pest Control Lists Pests & the Colors They Are Attracted To

What Colors Attract & Deter Mosquitoes?: When dealing with mosquitoes around your property, you and your family have a lot to fear. There are good reasons to want to stay away from mosquitoes because they leave itchny marks that can be irritating and more importantly they carry dangerous diseases that can be transferred to a person via a single bite. Mosquitoes are able to see colors that are darker much easier than lighter colors. That means the darker the color, the more likely a mosquito will be attracted to it. Experts suggest that you wear light colors like tan or white when you are going to be around mosquitoes as a way to deter them.
What Colors Attract & Deter Ants & Other Insects?: Insects such as ants are interested in the exact opposite colors as mosquitoes. Ants, stinging insects such as bees and wasps as well as other insects are attracted to bright colors for a really good reason. Bugs and insects see in the UV spectrum and that means they see colors in a brighter hues. If you have a home that is brightly colored, even in just some accent areas, it can be attracting pests of all kinds. Insects and bugs are on the hunt for food the majority of the time. That means colors that are the same as their food will be attractive to them. If you have yellow, orange and blue paint colors, you are likely to see an influx in these types of pests. A study was done with ants that showed colored sugar water using green, blue, yellow and red to see what attracted the most ants. They were easily attracted to the yellow water over the other colors. If you have your home painted greens and even lighter blue, this can help send insects the other way.
What Colors Are Birds Attracted to?: No one wants birds hanging around their roof and eaves. The color of your home could be the reason they are flocking to your place. Depending on the type of birds you are worried about, you need to consider the paint color. Birds that are on the hunt for food and are a bit more outgoing will be searching for bright colors that mimic berries. Birds that are more quiet and reserved will be looking for colors that look like a place to nest such as grey and brown.

Professional Pest Management

Barring white, it may seem that whatever paint colors you choose, you will inadvertently be attracting some kind of pest to your home! Fortunately, Merlin’s Pest Control offers expert pest control services to treat pests of all kinds that are infesting your residence. Contact us and schedule a comprehensive pest inspection and service today!

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