April is National Pest Management Month; Spreading Pest Control Awareness in Denville NJ

The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) has celebrated April as National Pest Management Month for over 30 years. As with many careers and industry personnel, there is a day or month where we recognize and honor their labors to make this country’s economy run a little smoother. Pest control professionals make a real difference throughout the country in safeguarding our homes and businesses from pests that can spread disease, germs and bacteria, influence allergy conditions, or cause a substantial amount of damage to structures.

Stinging Insect Identification & Control

There are many insects that need to be dealt with by professionals. Stinging insects such as; bees, hornets, and wasps are better left in the hands of trained professionals. If they are noticed close to where people or pets might be frequenting, get the pros involved. With their protective nature, stinging insects can easily get aggressive and cause painful stings. Furthermore, those painful stings can also result in moderate to severe allergic reactions.

Cockroach Infestation Control in Homes & Apartments

Cockroaches are one of the most common pests that are more than just creepy looking. Their low standards will have them crawling through, garbage heaps, sewer dwellings and anything else gross. With their disgusting ways of life, they can easily pickup bacteria, germs and even diseases that can be transmitted to people without folks being any the wiser. Along with their contaminating habits, they can also impact allergy conditions. Thanks to the useful services of pest control technicians, cockroach infestations are easily exterminated and keeping them at bay through routine maintenance is an added benefit.

Pigeon & Rodent Control Methods

Pigeons are often labeled “rats with wings” and for good reason. The damage they can do to roof tops and surfaces can be catastrophic if left unresolved. The diseases found in their gifts can be harmful as well. Pest control specialists can help reduce the pigeon population hanging around your eaves. Rodents are another pest that can inflict costly damages to homes, as well as spread diseases to pets and humans. With the helpful uses of expert pest control services, rodents are efficiently treated, and homes are rescued from their destructive paths and people are saved from enduring health complications.

Tick, Flea & Bed Bug Control

Ticks, fleas and bed bugs are in need of professional control, their tiny statures and incognito ways can leave infestations thriving for long periods of time, leaving them to suck the life force out of their host. Ticks and fleas can distribute diseases to both people and animals. Getting rid of these blood suckers is hard for the untrained victim to deal with alone, but with the services of the heroic pest control industry, these little critters are destroyed.

In honor of Pest Control Management month, we at Merlin’s Pest Control would like to offer some tips in keeping little critters from intruding into your home.

– Keep indoor and outdoor trash cans clean periodically and always keep the lids securely fastened.
– Outside your home keep firewood piles neatly stacked away from the home, along with other materials kept outside. Keep your trees pruned, shrubs and bushes are trimmed, and grass is hedged and be sure all the landscape waste is disposed.
– Inspect your home to ensure all holes, gaps, creaks and crevices are sealed, including windows, doors, ventilation, and service pipes are properly treated.
– Store food in approved containers and lids are tight.

Call Merlin’s Pest Control today in Bridgewater, Rockaway, Denville, Parsippany-Troy Hills & Northern New Jersey to clear away infestations and schedule routine maintenance to minimize their intrusions.

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