Ants in your Valentine's chocolates

This is a very severe winter in Morristown and the surrounding areas. We have had numerous snows as well as many very, very, cold days. This is going to bring about an interesting (to me) effect soon. Ants that live in structures like homes and office buildings that are regularly used and heated will normally go into their natural dormant inactive state during winter. However, when the winter is very cold the ants will burn up their stored reserves at a faster pace than normal. This will result in ants running out of reserves prior to the end of winter. They will “awaken” and search for high energy food like chocolate to resupply their reserves and possibly return to the inactive state. These ants may seem slow, sluggish, drunk, or they may seem perfectly normal. The entire colony will not experience this need at the exact same time so a constant progression of ants may appear. As each ant in a colony looks pretty much like every other it is hard to determine how many you actually have. My experience in winters like this one is the ant activity will become more noticeable around Valentine’s Day especially because of our tradition of chocolate gifts. Any ant activity no matter how seemingly small or innocent is a very significant warning of an ant colony nesting in your home, office, etc.

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